Why You Get Water in Your Basement

Your wet basement could be a real nuisance, so let’s discuss why you get water in your basement. On a regular basis, homeowners face unpleasant side effects and consequences after melting snow and seasonal rainfall. Problems of a wet basement can range from minor dampness to flooding. Needless to say, basement water could be a serious problem that could bring about destruction to furnishings, personal property, carpets, walls and appliances. It could also lead to permanent structural damage to the foundation, wood rot, decay, and presence of pests. Basement waterproofing is the solution!

One common cause of basement leakage is inadequate or improper drainage on the surface. This could be caused by landscaping such as a yard that is sloping toward your home. In some cases, such a problem could be alleviated by regrading your yard to slope away from the foundation. This could be a serious problem and the solution could be quite tedious and costly at the same time. However, in many cases the damage has already been done, or the natural slope of the surrounding area is too much to modify.


why you get water in your basement


It is perfectly normal for foundations of your homes to occasionally leak over time, causing wall and floor cracks and more. No foundation could effectively stay waterproof forever. There would be gaps and cracks in walls and floors that would allow the slow passage of water. Sooner or later, water will find its way in and accumulate in the basement. You need to regularly check the walls in the basement to find for any gap or crack no matter how small they are. This is also a common cause of why you get water in your basement.

The most serious and also common cause of any basement leakage and a wet basement is a high water table. This happens when the foundation of the home is deep in the ground.  This problem could also be brought about by underground spring or by sustained duration of rainfall, “northeasteners” or melting snow that causes the rising of water table especially during wet seasons.

Moreover, the reason why you get water in your basement could be as simple as a case of ordinary condensation. This happens when a warm and humid air gets in touch with cool basement floors, walls, and water pipes. This can be solved by eliminating high humidity… of course, any of these wet basement problems in NY, Ct., Pa., or NJ can be solved if you hire the services of professional waterproofing service providers like Vulcan Basement Waterproofing.

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This was the second visit by Vulcan – the service technicians were very professional and did an amazing job – reviewed the project with me and explained what they were going to do and why they needed to do it – then they started right in and did the work. I would highly recommend this crew to anyone looking to get a water issue resolved in their basement.

Steven B.

Great service, very knowledgable staff and hard working crew! Install went well: 160 linear feet of underdrain pipe and crushed stone with 2 sump pits (one pit with 1 pump and the other upper pit with 2 pumps). Pumps run fine when needed. We now have a dry finished basement with peace of mind. Thanks Vulcan, great job!

Christopher H.

Our basement flooded several times and had water level of up to 4 feet in one corner of the house. Vulcan assessed the situation and added french drains and new sump pump. They were very professional and not too costly. We haven’t had any issues since, this was in early 2000s.

Tom F.