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Everything You Need To Know – What is a French Drains

“French drain” is a popular term used to describe an outdoor trench covered in rocks and connected to a series of pipes that carry water Learn More »

Hydrostatic Pressure Relief System

Hydrostatic pressure is caused by underground springs, rivers, and a fluctuating high water table.  If water seeps in where the basement wall meets the floor Learn More »

Interior French Drain

An interior French drain should be used if you cannot keep water from seeping into your basement, since it can involve some extensive work within Learn More »

Exterior French Drain

An exterior French drain usually consists of a trench, often lined with landscaping textiles that prevent clogging from dirt or roots, as well as reducing Learn More »

French Drains

French drains are underground water management and drainage systems developed and popularized by Henry French, a Concord, Massachusetts judge and farmer, and discussed in his Learn More »