Winning the Battle Against Wet Basements

Vulcan Basement Waterproofing can help you win the battle against wet basements.

The tension starts with the first weather report: “Hurricane building strength in Atlantic Ocean, moving toward the Northeast U.S.” As you track the storm’s progress, you begin the preparations: You ready the generator and check the fuel. You collect all of the batteries and flashlights in the house to have them handy in case you lose power. Do you have enough water, essential medicines, and non-perishable food? Put away any outdoor furniture and secure loose items around your yard? Is there enough gas in the car? Are the phones charged? The tension builds with each weather update.

Hopefully, the storm weakens or heads out to sea or turns into a “rain event.” The Atlantic Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30. For most living in the Northeast U.S., a powerful weather event can mean loss of power and a major inconvenience. The kids may get a day off from school. But, for millions of homeowners near the shore or any bodies of water, bad weather gives a sense of uncertainty and even dread. “How much water will come into my basement?”

How Bad is the Problem?

For homeowners, rainstorms, nor’easters and hurricanes (“Superstorm Sandy” was classed as a “post-tropical cyclone”) can mean anything from damp basement corners, walls or floors, to flooding. Every weather event is different, depending on the tides, size of storm, type of storm, timing, direction, speed, and countless other factors. Even homeowners who have lived in the area for years and endured previous storms know the problem isn’t going away. At the same time, we enjoy all of the advantages of living near the water. We love the beaches, boating, swimming, and mild temperatures. We’re not going anywhere.

How, then, to best protect your home or business against damp, wet basements?

Reach Out to Specialists

Fortunately, there are experts who can help win the battle for your basement and home. These professionals have built their business by helping homeowners and business owners with waterproofing solutions unique to their specific property, basement design and water problem.

Vulcan Basement Waterproofing was established in 1947 and has been serving property owners in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions with proven engineering and practical solutions to every type of water problem. Vulcan invented many of the techniques that are commonly used today by other waterproofing companies.

Free Professional Inspection

Vulcan’s waterproofing experts will give you a free professional inspection and can recommend a solution that addresses your specific water problem – and fits your budget. Depending on your needs, Vulcan can recommend:

  • Basement exterior wall surface coatings/sealants
  • Basement interior wall surface coatings/sealants
  • Sealing foundation cracks with hydraulic cement and masonry work
  • Landscaping that directs water away from your home
  • Basement window wells that quickly disperse water to eliminate moisture build up
  • French drain systems
  • Efficient and powerful sump pumps
  • Back-up power sources and pump systems
  • Basement ventilation and air exchange
  • Mold remediation, cleanup and prevention

Hydrostatic Pressure Relief

Vulcan’s patented Hydrostatic Pressure Relief System is the industry’s Gold Standard, combining their latest engineering advancements to give you a guaranteed, customized “360- degree” basement solution. Vulcan’s waterproofing system represents the premier engineering and design leadership.

Subsequent articles will focus on each of these waterproofing techniques. Basement waterproofing need not be costly. Some are relatively easy for a handy homeowner to tackle themself. Others require professional design and installation services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Protecting your property with the services of Vulcan Basement Waterproofing will add value to your dwelling and usable space to your living quarters. Vulcan uses no subcontractors. Their professionals are courteous, on time and always respect your home with a thorough cleanup of the job site. Safety is paramount. They are licensed and insured far beyond the minimum requirements. Vulcan guarantees your complete satisfaction. Vulcan helps homeowners and business owners in Westchester and Queens New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

With storm season top of mind, it’s good to know that you are not alone in this fight. There IS a solution. There IS a company you can count on to help you win the Battle for Your Basement.

Contact Vulcan Basement Waterproofing at 1-877-885-2268 for a free inspection and cost estimate. You can request a free brochure on Vulcan’s basement waterproofing methods and get free do-it-yourself tips.


Vulcan Basement Waterproofing keeps your basement dry and your family happy!


The Big Picture: Superstorm Sandy

New York State: 305,000 housing units damaged or destroyed

New Jersey: 72,000 buildings damaged

Connecticut: 3,000 houses damaged

Source: New York Times, December, 2012


Sea Levels

The global average sea level has risen 4-8 inches over the past century.

Source: NASA


Global Warming

Twice in the last ten years, we’ve had the hottest temperatures on average ever recorded in our planet’s history. The past nine years have all been among the 25 warmest years on record. The rate of warming has accelerated over the past 30 years, increasing at a rate of three times faster than the century-scale trend.

According to an MIT study, there’s been a 100% increase in the intensity and duration of hurricanes and tropical storms since the 1970s, most likely due to the increased amount of CO2 emissions to our atmosphere, which has increased the Earth’s surface temperature.

Source: Carbon Neutral Earth

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