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Wet Basement Solution

  The Solution to a Wet Basement Most homeowners are advised to get basement waterproofing as a wet basement solution. People are starting to recognize Learn More »

Internal vs External Waterproofing: Which Do You Need? (Part 2)

His wet basement underwent a transformation. There’s a new water system installed. All wall leaks and cracks were gone. Contractors installed new stone flooring that Learn More »

Internal vs. External Waterproofing: Which Do You Need? (Part 1)

A story about internal vs external waterproofing. It’s 4 AM. Jack Adams woke up unexpectedly. It’s still raining hard. He went out for a cup Learn More »

Basement Wall Waterproofing: Insulation, Maintenance, Finishing

Basement walls aren’t only walls. It gives definition to what the area is. Without walls, a basement fails to provide the comfort and security that Learn More »

Basement Wall Waterproofing: Efflorescence

Michael Adams visited his basement one sunny morning. The area felt humid. The stone floor was unfinished but it’s completely dry. The walls were old Learn More »