NJ Basement waterproofing companies offer French drains for your home

Wet basements are found in 75% of all single-family homes on Long Island. A dry basement creates valuable living space, extra storage, and increased home value, but a wet one may lead to trouble with the home’s weakened foundation, mold and mildew formation, and musty odors. One solution that NJ basement waterproofing companies provide to avoid wet basements is a French drain, to channel the water away from the base of a building. An eHow article by Bryan Cohen explicates the benefits of a French drain.

“Remove Excess Moisture

By installing a French drain, you can ensure that the water does not collect around your house or basement and that it flows through the drain. The drain will move the water from the higher location to a lower location.

Drainage Choice

Rather than let rain collect in areas in your yard and around your house, a French drain gives you a choice of where you would like the water to flow.


A French drain is relatively inexpensive when compared to other drainage systems. However, this benefit turns into a detriment if you build the drain with substandard materials.


The simplicity of the French drain leads to a quick installation.”

There are many Long Island basement waterproofing companies that can provide top-of-the-line building materials and services for your French drain or other basement water proofing systems.

what are the benefits of a french drain


Do not expose your home to the risk of structural damage, development of mold and mildew, and the emergence of stale odor. There are several waterproofing techniques and scientifically formulated products for your basement.

(Article and photo from: What Are the Benefits of a French Drain?, Bryan Cohen, eHow.com)

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